Who am I?


Hello beautiful soul! Welcome to a sacred space of healing and joyful journey!


Thank you for taking your first step towards a life of joy, freedom and infinite love for yourself and others. You have just opened a door to self-transformation and joyful breakthroughs on your self-healing journey by visiting my website. :)


I am a Spiritual/Energetic Healer, Channel and a qualified Meditation Facilitator who is devoted to serve and guide people on their journey to clear the blockages and move forward to reach their full potential to live in joy and happiness. I am blessed to have channeling gift in clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance.


I feel very passionate to share my gifts, skills, knowledge and experience in guiding you to tap into your own inner wisdom and take you on a journey to expand your being through self-love, self-healing, forgiveness and acceptance.


We are all on our own unique journey in this life time and the more we connect with our heart and intuition, the closer we get to finding and living our true life purpose which ultimately leads to joy and happiness.


Once you start to follow your heart and its call, you begin to create, manifest and receive joy, abundance and expansion from places that you would have never imagined previously. Possibilities become endless and you begin to see your life and this world with the eyes of new found clarity and trust.


We are all beautiful souls in our own unique ways. We all deserve to love, be loved and shine as who we are in this world. Healing begins with connecting with our inner child, releasing the pain from the past through forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance. Once we forgive ourselves, we can also forgive others more easily and the journey of self-healing continues.


I am here to guide you through your self-healing journey and support you on your path so you can take each step towards your happiness and heart's desires with clarity, courage and confidence.


Energetic Healing and Meditation


I hold energetic healing sessions and meditation workshops in my beautiful clinic in Bondi Junction on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


In energetic healing sessions, I practise many different techniques such as;


Chakra and Aura Cleansing/Alignment 

Pranic Healing/Pranic Psychotherapy 

Crystal Healing/Acturian Light Healing 

Sound Healing/Space Clearing

Meditation/Manifestation workshops

Intuitive Reading/Goddess/Angel Oracle


I also hold one-on-one and small group meditation workshops where I am able to create and customise the workshops according to your needs and learning styles. 


The 3-hour one-on-one workshop is a very hands-on, fun and interactive session and we will go through 3-4 different meditation techniques which will resonate with you so you are inspired and motivated to start your own daily meditation practice after you complete the workshop. 


In the workshop, you will learn to tap into your own inner wisdom, connect with your inner child and notice self-healing starting its journey. You will go away with new tools, understanding and knowledge to continue your journey into meditation, self-healing and personal transformation.


I look forward to connecting with you on your journey and be the guiding light and support in your expansion and transformation. 


Thank you for visiting today! I hope you are creating a joyful day filled with love and happy laughter! :D


With infinite love and light xx


Youmi Sunshine